How B2B Sales Teams Can Be More Effective with Meghann Misiak

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In this talk, I’m joined by Meghaan Misiak (B2B Sales Strategist & Trainer and Founder at Path to President’s Club) to discuss some of the most crippling problems that B2B SaaS sales teams encounter and how they can overcome them.

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A little more about Meghaan Misiak…

Meghaan has worked across a number of B2B companies such as SalesQualia, Moveable Ink, NewsCredn Netchex and many more, operating in roles including Associate Director of Go-To-Market Training, Senior Sales Training Manager and Manager of Training & Enablement.

We discuss a range of SaaS sales problems along with how you can overcome them including the true role of sales scripts, the best way to nurture SDRs and how to get sales out of ‘defensive mode’ so you can make significant strides in performance.

A huge thank you to Meghaan for joining, her knowledge, expertise and words of wisdom in the SaaS sales are exceptional.

If you’d like to reach out to Meghann or follow the amazing work she’s doing, you can reach on LinkedIn just here:


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