How Solopreneurs Can Leverage Storytelling & Brand with Ash Rathod

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In this talk, I speak with Ash Rathod, agency founder and Content Strategist who helps solopreneurs connect with their buyers through great storytelling. Ash drives huge engagement across LinkedIn to win business and so in this Q&A, we talk about his methods, how F.O.P.O (fear of people’s opinions) stops people from posting on social media and the main reasons why solopreneurs fail.

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A little more about Ash Rathod…

Ash is the Founder of Digital Focus Creatives, a brand strategy and design collective specialising in creating compelling content for digital communications. Working across startups and Fortune 500 companies, along with the most forward-thinking marketing teams in the world, Ash believes in combining the art and science of storytelling to avoid the ‘fluff’ and attract the right buyers.

Ash also helps solopreneurs through his latest project ‘New Founder Hacks’, sharing his knowledge from the past 20 years in business and teaching the key components of storytelling to help people successfully grow their businesses. If you’re interested in telling stories on LinkedIn and building an engaged following, you might be interested in joining his programme The Story Converter.

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