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Are these struggles familiar?

You’re getting lost in a crowded market

B2B tech is saturated and full of the ‘same’ vendors. I help you position your product in a new way so your campaigns STAND OUT, turning casual scrollers into customers.

Revenue isn’t where you want it be

Finding customer acquisition channels where you always win is key, I audit your marketing strategy and help uncover new opportunities for growth.

Your content keeps falling flat

Your content must connect with buyers. I help you make this happen by building a content and op’s strategy to make it happen. Best of all, you won’t burn through cash like you would with an agency.

Marketing that doesn’t connect
with your buyer is a problem

Only 3% of the market is buying

And the other 97% are ignoring you because you’re not delivering value to them. We need to shift our approach so you’re their first choice when they’re ready…

Losing out on 5x more customers

It’s not about being contrarian for no reason, it’s about positioning your product in the right way and creating distance between you and your competitors. The economic challenges we now face make this even more important.

Real results

The numbers from my most recent project


Uplift for inbound demo requests


ARR of closed-won revenue generated


Increase in opportunities to deal

A few testimonials

Sam has been a great partner! We originally partnered with him to help expedite our content marketing process and he met that challenge thoughtfully and with a detailed plan of execution. After being so impressed with his work there we expanded our partnership and utilized his Hubspot expertise to help us audit and reorganize our CRM and marketing efforts. I was always impressed with his preparedness and the detail of recommendations he offered us to improve not only in the specific areas we asked for but also things he noticed, in general, that would be beneficial for us to know! We can't thank Sam enough for all his hard work.

Allison ButlerSenior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation, Canvs

Sam is an incredibly talented marketer. In just one month, Sam has been able to rebuild our marketing strategy from the ground up. We worked together to craft a new & compelling strategic narrative for Hyve that was critical to clarifying our positioning and messaging. The new marketing strategy has re-invigorated our sales, marketing and product and given us a new strong foundation for growth. I can’t recommend Sam high enough.

Amon KiplagatFounder, Hyve

Sam is an exceptional and skilled professional. He provides passion and a sense of true focus within his niche, coupled with clear commercial acumen with measurable action! His work has always been of high quality, on time, and has always exceeded our expectations! In working with Sam, I have found his balance of gentle challenge but always with solutions, a real progressive approach and one that has accelerated our activity! He is also very personable, with strong values founded on inclusion and a sense of fairness for all.

Joel BlakeFounder, GFA Exchange

Sam is an incredibly competent marketer who's able to lead from strategy to execution. His expertise in B2B SaaS helped us to achieve our growth ambitions and significantly improve marketing operations. Working together has been a pleasure and made sales marketing alignment a much easier endeavour!

Gareth JohnsonHead of Partnerships, MirrorWeb

Sam's can-do approach and expertise in demand generation has made him a real asset. Taking ownership of major projects such as our website redevelopment and CRM implementation has been fundamental in the results we've achieved.

Amanda SibleyHead of Marketing, Business Systems UK

Sam says hi 👋

I help B2B tech startups turn marketing into a channel that ACTUALLY generates revenue. I’ve worked with multiple early-stage tech companies (bootstrapped and private equity) that have achieved a successful exit or subsequent series investment, none of which had the luxury of riding a unicorn model to the top.

I have more than 8 years of experience marketing B2B and tech solutions and specialise in demand generation, content marketing, brand marketing and growth. If you’d like to chat, you can get in touch with me at

For many businesses, it’s groundhog day over and over

There’s a reason things aren’t working. Are you jumping from channel to channel hoping for better results or repeating the same activities over and over? I help you diagnose what’s happening and put you back on the right path.

My approach to growth has allowed companies to build an effective marketing machine that drives revenue into the business.

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Helping B2B tech companies achieve their growth ambitions

 I carefully choose the clients I work with to ensure I can deliver a great result. If you want to start a conversation then simply get in touch by clicking below.

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